A rare opportunity to validate Gd-depletion modeling

In 2019, Studsvik had the opportunity to transport and perform basic PIE of an intact Gd- fuel rod irradiated with only about 11 months of operation in a Swedish BWR. With only one cycle of operation the rod average burnup is as low as 9 MWd/kgU, a rare opportunity having such low burn up rod sent to a hot cell facility. Together with the Swedish utility Vattenfall, Studsvik has evaluated how to leverage on this unique material for a collective benefit to the nuclear community.

The LAGER project is a joint effort to better understand and quantify the radial distribution of burnable gadolinium isotopes in a fuel rod with low and relevant burnup. Similar data is currently scarcely available and estimated values are instead used in current models. The LAGER project was started in 2023 with about 15 organizations participating.

The project is open for additional members, contact us today if interested to join or to learn more about the LAGER project!