Sealed sources for medical or industrial application

Studsvik Isotopes supply high quality sealed source isotopes for medical and industrial applications from our dynamic nuclear licensed manufacturing facility in Sweden.

With over half a century of hot cell and reactor operation, we are uniquely positioned to offer the highest quality products at competitive prices. Our independence allows us to respond dynamically to customer needs, please contact us for a first discussion regarding your specific requirements.

Our independence allows us to respond dynamically to customer needs. Please contact us regarding your specific sealed source requirements.



Bespoke manufacturing facilities at our nuclear licensed site


Turnkey service involving transports, automated production and disposal options


Cost effective and reliable solutions from an independent nuclear lab

Studsvik’s Vision

Innovating Nuclear Sustainability – Studsvik is a unique, independent partner developing safety & efficiency for the global nuclear industry. Through our expertise and facilities, we support a sustainable future.

Studsvik’s Mission

Create effective, customer-focused solutions to complex problems, through Studsvik’s proven ability to innovate.

Efficient solutions are achieved using open collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders, and Studsvik’s proven capabilities in fuel and material testing, waste treatment, fuel management software, and decommissioning and dismantling services.