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Studsvik and Beijing DYNATECH Co. Ltd.

Studsvik and Beijing DYNATECH Co., Ltd. (DYNATECH) has executed a Framework Agreement under which DYNATECH will supply Studsvik’s newest proprietary fluid bed steam reforming (FBSR) process for the treatment of radioactive waste to the Chinese nuclear power industry.  Studsvik will support the successful deployment of the FBSR process by providing design, engineering and consulting services to DYNATECH during a defined period of technology transfer between the two companies.

On the image are: Mr Mononen and Mr Yang.





Presentation slides Studsvik's Year-end Report 2017

Presentation Studsviks bokslutskommuniké 2017

A delegation from DBD International paid a visit to Sweden

Studsvik and DBD International have been collaborating in the UK since May 2017. As part of an expansion into other markets, a delegation from DBD International paid a visit to Sweden at the end of January for customer meetings, a tour of the facilities at Studsvik and a meeting at the British Embassy in Stockholm. DBD specialise in conceptual process engineering; technical and operational modelling; safety, environment and security; and site support.