Hot Cell Technology

Studsvik now offers its unmatched expertise in Hot Cell Technology to organizations throughout the world seeking support with their own hot-cell facilities.

Studsvik’s world renowned reputation of 70 years, as experts, in performing examination and analysis of both nuclear fuel related material and reactor components, have long been desired by organizations developing their own hot-cell facilities.

This offering includes expertise applicable to individual segments as well as the entire nuclear fuel cycle whether it be for fuel qualification of new fuel products new cladding alloys, plant life extension (PLEX), dry storage and final repository. In addition, through extensive experience, Studsvik has also developed expertise in the design and construction of custom built equipment for the hot-cell (e.g., simulation of LOCA, creep, crack initiation and crack growth rate measurements) as well as expertise in Quality Assurance, regulatory licensing and transport issues associated with getting material to and from a hot-cell.

This is available for the companies that want to be leading within hot-cell performance. Contact Studsvik today for further discussions of tailored customized solutions.

Your test capabilities will be state of the art with highest quality thanks to Studsvik innovative technology and knowledge transfer. You will assure risk mitigation thanks to Studsvik’s 70 years of experience and outstanding hot-cell performance.

Studsvik Hot Cell Technology – leading innovation