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28th SCIP meeting held in Studsvik

The SCIP III program aims to enhance the global nuclear safety by supporting the industry with high value experimental data related to different LOCA scenarios and PCI mechanisms for LWR fuel. The experimental data are used in modelling and at this meeting a work shop was held were industry representatives presented and discussed code predictions for 9 defined cases. 

“As the end of this third phase of SCIP approaches, the high quality technical work performed in the project is demonstrated by the vast amount of high quality data presented at this meeting. Valuable Insights on the fuel pellet and cladding behavior in transient and accident scenarios are being obtained that will greatly increase the knowledge in these fields.”-  as José Conde, ENUSA and chairman of the SCIP III Program Review Group concluded after the meeting.  

In connection to the SCIP III meeting a draft proposal for the SCIP IV program was presented by Studsvik. The project is planned to start in July 2019 and the suggested main topics are fuel and cladding safety issues related to backend handling, LOCA scenarios and PCI.  

“Studsvik has compiled the first round of comments received from the potential SCIP IV participants and this indicated the great interest this follow-up project has generated. It will be a continuation and expansion of the cutting-edge research on fuel and cladding behaviour performed within the last 18 years starting with the SCIP Project in July 2004. The results of the projects generated lots of knowledge and the SCIP IV project will continue to contribute to confirmation or, if possible, enhancement of the level of nuclear safety in the participating countries.” – commented Markus Beilmann, OECD/NEA representative in the SCIP program. 

For questions regarding SCIP III, contact Project manager Pär Beccau, +46 155 22 1051  

If you are interested in learning more about the planned SCIP IV project, contact VP Business development  Mikael Karlsson, +46 155 22 1786


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Presentation slides Studsvik's Year-end Report 2017

Presentation slides Studsvik's Year-end Report 2017

A delegation from DBD International paid a visit to Sweden

Studsvik and DBD International have been collaborating in the UK since May 2017. As part of an expansion into other markets, a delegation from DBD International paid a visit to Sweden at the end of January for customer meetings, a tour of the facilities at Studsvik and a meeting at the British Embassy in Stockholm. DBD specialise in conceptual process engineering; technical and operational modelling; safety, environment and security; and site support.

High Level meetings in China

Business Area Presidents from Studsvik along with Studsvik commercial executives conducted high level meeting for 10 days in China in early December.