Anders Ullberg
Chairman of the Board
Born 1946. Chairman of the Board of Studsvik AB since April 2007.

Former President and CEO of SSAB Svenskt Stål. Chairman of the board of Boliden and Eneqvist Consulting and member of the board of Beijer Alma, Epiroc and Valedo Partners. Chair of the Swedish Financial Reporting Board and board member of the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group.

Education: M.Sc. (Business and Economics)
Shareholding: 60,000
Anna Karinen
Board member, vice chairman
Born 1963. Member since 2003, Vice Chairman since 2007.

Self-employed, in commercial real estate management, member of the board of the Flen local branch of Handelsbanken.

Education: Bachelor of laws

Shareholding: 1,327,492

Jan Barchan
Board member
Born 1946. Member since 2004.

President of Briban Invest AB, member of the board of Audiodev AB and member of the board of Net Insight AB, Trianon AB and Trialbee AB.

Education: M.Sc. (Business and Economics)

Shareholding: 1,343,362

Agneta Nestenborg
Board member
Born 1961. Member since 2010.

Director, Project Support & Administration, European Spallation Source ERIC. Board member of Öresundskraft AB.

Education: PhD and MBA

Shareholding: 2,000 

Peter Gossas
Board member
Born 1949. Member since 2013.

Previously President of the Sandvik Materials Technology business area. Board member of Sensic AB and Graphmatech AB. Industrial advisor.

Education: M.Sc. (Engineering).
Shareholding: 2,000  
Per Ekberg
Board member. Employee representative
Born 1959. Member since 2018, alternate 2006–2018.

Employee representative appointed by Unionen. Works in the materials research department at Studsvik Nuclear AB

Education: Power generation technology

Shareholding: 100 shares

Jitka Zakova
Board member. Employee representative
Born 198. Member since 2020. Employee representive appointed by the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. Works at Studsvik Nuclear AB as a Nuclear Fuel Calculations Specialist.
Education: Ph.D.

Shareholding: 28