Innovating nuclear sustainability

Studsvik is a unique, independent partner that develops safety and efficiency for the global nuclear industry. Through our expertise we support a sustainable future and create lasting values by contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our double materiality analysis has shown that Studsvik can make a specific contribution to four of the 17 SDGs: Affordable and clean energy; Industry, innovation and infrastructure; Good health and well-being; Decent work and economic growth.

Sustainable solutions for the nuclear industry are at the core of our value creation. Studsvik offers innovative technical solutions that reduce risks and costs throughout the lifecycle of nuclear facilities and radioactive material. By making responsible economic decisions we lay a stable foundation for long-term value creation through satisfied stakeholders and owners. We must be an attractive employer focusing on health and well-being by creating a sustainable working life and offering our committed employees development opportunities. This also forms the basis for attracting new talent to us.

Good health and well-being 

Healthy and engaged employees are essential, and we are working to provide conditions that support well-being.

Decent work and economic growth 

We contribute to economic growth by ensuring sustainable energy for companies and by directly providing over 500 people with employment. 

Industry innovation and infrastructure 

We offer cutting-edge knowledge of nuclear processes and drive innovation and infrastructure development.

Affordable and clean energy

We contribute to clean and safe nuclear energy