Waste Management Technology

Problematic waste treatment and waste management

Our waste treatment technologies solve

  • Mixed ILW and LLW wastes stored in drums or other containers typically from historic activities
  • Waste which can have both radioactive and/or hazardous properties
  • Waste that cannot currently be economically, environmentally, or technically disposed of in its current form or through other treatments such as grouting or incineration
  • Large amounts of radioactive metal

The purpose of waste treatment

Make it disposable

  • Remove a problematic waste issues
  • Treat and dispose it
  • Thermal treatment
  • Batch process inDRUM
  • Continuous process FBSR

Support our world by recycling (Circular Economy)

  • Make waste into a resource
  • Optimize the radioactive metal recycling
  • Metal Treatment Technology (MTT)
  • Also large components, such as SG, turbines and boilers

Problematic Waste Treatment

For problematic waste

Waste Management Services

Waste route optimization management

Radioactive Metal Treatment

Free release up to 95 % of your contaminated metal

Studsvik’s Vision

Innovating Nuclear Sustainability – Studsvik is a unique, independent partner developing safety & efficiency for the global nuclear industry. Through our expertise and facilities, we support a sustainable future.

Studsvik’s Mission

Create effective, customer-focused solutions to complex problems, through Studsvik’s proven ability to innovate.

Efficient solutions are achieved using open collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders, and Studsvik’s proven capabilities in fuel and material testing, waste treatment, fuel management software, and decommissioning and dismantling services.