Studsvik Tech Park

The Studsvik Site and Hot-Cell Lab

Studsvik’s exceptional history and over 75 years of experience as a nuclear facility set our site apart as truly unique in the world.

The Studsvik Tech Park site is a cluster by the size of a smaller city providing and facilitating advanced infrastructure and workshops for testing, research and development. Especially suited in the areas of energy, environmental, materials and marine technology. Interested in learning more about business establishment opportunities – contact us.

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Information for Visitors

A site with top-of-the-line facilities and research technology

Studsvik’s lab facilities offer world’s most broad and modern test programs and technical equipment, giving access to physical examination and testing of more fuel types than any lab in the nuclear industry. 

The design of the site and lab facilities allow easy adaptation of cells and lab environments. This adaptability is the key to our success in handling a significant volume of work flowing through the lab yearly. In addition, we have extensive experience in design and construction of equipment to be able to perform tailored state of the art tests that is in the forefront in terms of performance.

With our extensive capacity, experience, and cutting-edge techniques, we continuously develop innovative methods to stay at the forefront of our field and adjust our offerings to align with our customers’ evolving demands.

Need access to the most state of the art Hot-Cell lab in the world, contact us.

Virtual visit at our hot cell facility in Sweden

At Studsvik we are very proud of our hot cell facility in Sweden, which is used for physical testing and inspection of nuclear fuel and materials. While we love to show off our capabilities it is not always possible for people to visit our site, so we recreated the experience in full 4k VR. Enjoy your visit.