Executive Management Group

Camilla Hoflund

President, CEO and acting Business Area President Fuel- and Materials Technology

Born 1969. Employed 1994.

Education: Mining engineer, Materials Technology

Other assignments: Member of the Board of Swedish Institute of Standards, SIS

Shareholding: 11,200

Peter Teske

Chief Financial Officer

Born 1979. Employed 2024.

Shareholding: 0

Mikael Karlsson

Business Area President Waste Management Technology

Born 1962. Employed 1989.

Shareholding: 2,101

Florian Bühler

Business Area President Decommissioning and Radiation Protection services

Born 1981. Employed 2019.

Shareholding: 0

W. A. “Art” Wharton III

Business Area President Scandpower

Born 1982. Employed 2017.

Shareholding: 0

Carina Nilsson

Head of Sustainability & Compliance

Born 1965. Employed 2023.

Shareholding: 0