Studsvik, its subsidiaries and joint ventures strive for the highest possible level of ambition in terms of transparency, honesty and responsibility. In line with this position statement, we expect all employees and others we work with who have serious concerns about, or experience inappropriate behavior or other misconduct regarding any part of Studsvik’s operations and business, to make their voice heard and let management know this.

Please see below on how to report suspicions of violations of Studsvik’s core values, code of conduct or other misconduct regarding Studsvik’s operations. Through this, Studsvik wants to ensure that suspicions of irregularities and improper actions are treated and addressed in a correct manner.

To ensure your anonymity, the IntegrityLog reporting tool is provided by an external and independent actor. The reporting channel is encrypted and password protected. You never have to state your identity if you don’t want to.

To make your notification, copy this address: https://studsvik.integrity.complylog.com or click on the link to the right under Related documents. Once you have completed your report, you will receive a code that you should save in order to follow up on your case.

Notifications received through the external reporting tool are received and handled only by authorized staff at Studsvik. Upon receipt, the competent staff will determine whether the nature of the information received should be handled under the whistleblowing system and forwarded for processing.

If you have made a report through the whistleblowing reporting tool and recorded the code that you received when you complete your report, you can follow up on your case via Studsvik.integrity.complylog.com. Log in regularly as investigators may need to ask you additional questions and, in some cases, want to act as quickly as possible.

As a reporter you can choose, through the system, whether you want to leave your contact details or if you want to remain anonymous. Regardless, all reports are taken seriously and investigated. For external investigators, it can facilitate the continued work if you can be contacted to obtain additional information. Therefore, contact details will be requested. However, it is always entirely voluntary to provide such information.

No IP addresses are registered, and the system does not use cookies. However, if you use a computer that is connected to Studsvik, it may be clear from the Internet log that you have visited the page where the notification is made. If you do not want this to be visible, use a computer that is not connected to Studsvik’s network. All data communication and storage of personal data is encrypted to avoid  distortion or access to knowledge of unauthorized persons.

Once Studsvik has received and verified a case through the whistleblowing reporting tool, the case  is taken care of by the external investigator who then gives his/her recommendation  to either investigate or close the case.

As a notifier, you have the right to receive, free of charge, once a year, information about what personal data is registered about you in the whistleblowing reporting tool. Such a request for an extract from the register shall be in writing and signed. Send it to: Studsvik AB, 611 82 Nyköping and mark the envelope with “whistleblowing”.