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Real Software for Real Engineers to do Real Work

Studsvik Scandpower is the global leader in the development and support of fuel vendor-independent reactor analysis software. We offer a full suite of licensing-grade software and engineering services to support operating utilities, fuel vendors, safety authorities, next-generation reactor developers, and research organizations. Our products are used throughout the world for reactor fuel and core design, analysis, and operational support.

Software Products

Studsvik Scandpower’s software technologies and expertise improve every aspect of the nuclear fuel cycle to increase performance and lower cost and risk.

Engineering Services

With hundreds of man-years of experience in reactor analysis, Studsvik’s engineers can help organizations with a wide range of core analysis engineering services.

Customer Support

Studsvik Scandpower works in collaboration with its customers to help them use its technology to optimize the performance of their nuclear plants to lower cost and risk.

Studsvik’s Vision

Innovating Nuclear Sustainability – Studsvik is a unique, independent partner developing safety & efficiency for the global nuclear industry. Through our expertise and facilities, we support a sustainable future.

Studsvik’s Mission

Create effective, customer-focused solutions to complex problems, through Studsvik’s proven ability to innovate.

Efficient solutions are achieved using open collaboration with our customers and other stakeholders, and Studsvik’s proven capabilities in fuel and material testing, waste treatment, fuel management software, and decommissioning and dismantling services.

Featured Product

CASMO5 is Studsvik Scandpower’s state-of-the-art 2D lattice physics code for modeling square and hexagonal LWR nuclear fuel. By including the latest nuclear data and substantially expanded modeling capability, CASMO5 reaches far beyond previously available lattice physics codes.


Up Next

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Studsvik Scandpower, Inc. is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Blue Wave AI Labs to deliver enhanced diagnostic and predictive capabilities to nuclear energy facilities around the globe.