GARDEL is a fuel supplier independent advanced live core monitoring application with built-in reactivity management tools. Combining Studsvik’s state-of-the-art reactor analysis methods with efficient database technology and a customizable graphical user interface, GARDEL can help reduce uncertainties and conservatism that limit reactor operating efficiency.

Automated Calculations

  • Reduce work required for engineering tasks
  • Reduce human performance errors
  • Define common procedures across the plant
  • Enable complex operations for modern operational requirements such as load follow
Scandpower - GARDEL Aug 2023

Benefits of Advanced Core Monitoring

Reduced training effort for nuclear engineers

Enables ATF modeling and monitoring

Intuitive and functional GUI

Reduce switching cost for fuel vendors

Highly flexible, always available

Fuel vendor independence

Common LWR platform provides resource flexibility and efficiency

Save time resolving unexpected operation needs or issues

Increase speed of communication between operations, reactor engineering, and core design

Quickly Resolve Unexpected Operational Needs or Issues

With several powerful engineering features to analyze past conditions or plan for future operations, GARDEL enables rapid response to unexpected operational needs or events.

High Reliability Core Monitoring

  • GARDEL leverages the power of CASMO and SIMULATE to provide robust on-line core monitoring and operational support, using the same 3D core model generated by reactor engineers and core designers.
  • GARDEL provides highly reliable thermal margin and PCI calculations based on the CASMO and SIMULATE models. Margin is gained from reduced uncertainties.

Dissolve Organizational Boundaries

  • Reduce human performance errors between reactor engineering and nuclear fuel teams.
  • GARDEL can be deployed throughout the entire organization, allowing view-only displays for operators in the control room, while providing engineers with advanced operational planning functionality.
  • The same SIMULATE model is shared for core design, core monitoring, and the training simulator.

Replace Spreadsheets and Core Data Books

With a commercially available software solution used worldwide, operators no longer must spend an FTE or more maintaining home-grown spreadsheets and out of- date paper core data books.

Cycle-Specific Simulator Support

The GARDEL-SIM extension conforms to cycle-specific training simulator performance objectives, standards, and regulations.

Title 10 CFR 55.46 // SOER 96-02 // ANSI 3.5 Standard

Highly Flexible, Always Available

Completely independent of fuel vendor, core vendor, and computing hardware, GARDEL can support any existing PWR and BWR and provides the flexibility to change fuel providers without sacrificing accuracy or having to learn new software. GARDEL standardizes the fleet.

Software Platforms
GARDEL is supported in Windows and Linux platforms.

See the complete list of Requirements.

Empower Reactor Engineering

GARDEL empowers reactor engineers to easily perform accurate, reliable planning calculations. GARDEL offers enhanced reactivity management functions and can support site-wide operations.

Real Data, Reliable Results

GARDEL’s data acquisition methods can be implemented at any BWR or PWR plant. Using detailed, real-time signals from the plant process computer, GARDEL explicitly calculates global and local core surveillance quantities down to the pin level.

Cyber-Secure Solution

  • GARDEL has built-in cybersecurity features
  • Administrative controls that regulators worldwide have approved
  • Customer implementation cases, operational experience, and recommendations available

Report Generation

  • Periodic, daily, and monthly core follow
  • Isotopic reports
  • Maneuver plans
  • Training plans for load follow
  • Maneuver plans for FPO

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