Software Products

Studsvik Scandpower is the global leader in the development and support of fuel vendor-independent reactor analysis software. We offer a full suite of licensing-grade software and engineering services to support operating utilities, fuel vendors, safety authorities, next-generation reactor developers, and research organizations. Our products are used throughout the world for reactor fuel and core design, analysis, and operational support.

Reactor design,
performance, and

Studsvik Scandpower sets the industry standard for in-core fuel performance software with unparalleled accuracy, production-level run times, and easy-to-use input.

Operation Support

Studsvik Scandpower’s integrated product line allows a single cycle-specific core model to simplify many aspects of plant operations from on-line core monitoring to real-time training simulation.

Spent Fuel Analysis and Storage Optimization

Managing spent nuclear fuel demands an increasing amount of engineering resources. We offer advanced, integrated solutions to analyze fuel pools/racks and optimize the loading of fuel storage casks.

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