Engineering Services

Studsvik Scandpower is the global leader in the development and support of fuel vendor-independent reactor design and analysis.

We are the nuclear industry’s experts in nuclear fuel and reactor physics, trusted and relied upon by more than half of the world’s nuclear power plants to guide the management of the nuclear fuel cycle.

Your external fuels group

By having the largest independent team of highly-skilled reactor physics experts in the nuclear industry. Studsvik Scandpower provide a full suite of software and engineering services to support operating utilities, fuel vendors, safety authorities, research organizations and new reactor design/start-up organizations.

We have provided cycle design reviews, alternate core loading strategies, fuel bid evaluations and cask loading optimization for customers based all around the world.

Examples of our service capabilities include:

  • Advanced technical training, support and cycle specific model development for each of Studsvik’s software products
  • Core reload design, optimization and verification
  • Refuling shuffle optimization
  • Reactivity insertion analysis
  • Spent fuel pool management, decommissioning planning and cask loading optimization
  • Design certification and licensing support
  • Safety and transient analysis
  • Multi-cycle design and scoping analysis
  • Fuel pool criticality, time-to-boil calculations
  • Training simulator cycle-specific models
  • Independent startup analysis
  • Independent fuel bid evaluation
  • S3K/System code linkage (RELAP, TRACE, etc.)
  • AP1000, EPR, SMR, non-LWR reactor studies
  • Secondary Source evaluation
  • Fuel failure analysis

Independent fuel bid evaluation

With significant fuel costs and changing cycle strategies, it is important for you to know that your fuel investment will yield the most energy possible.

Our fuel vendor-independence allows us to perform fuel bid reviews that consistently compare each proposal using the same industry-leading methods.

Next-generation and advanced reactor design and analysis

For organizations exploring new and advanced plant designs for future construction, Studsvik Scandpower can provide engineering services and consultation at every phase of the analysis. To help advanced reactor developers  move through the design and certification process with confidence, we can leverage the expertise and world-class hot cell and test loop facilities of Studsvik’s Fuel and Materials Technology business area to offer complete design support

With our expertise we can for example build or review a fuel vendor-independent core model of the proposed core design, perform transient calculations to assess reactor dynamics and assist in design certification.

Software as a service

In purpose of removing the IT burden of managing software and provide secure connections to run our fuel analysis software on our servers, many of our software products are offered as “hosted solutions .

Refueling optimization

Tools to optimize BWR refueling shuffles in purpose of shortening refueling outages has been developed by Studsvik Scandpower. With these tools we can help get the plant from shutdown to startup with fewer bridge moves, performing full shutdown margin calculations at every intermediate step.

Safety analysis

Studsvik Scandpower will perform reactor licensing and safety analysis calculations using our licensing-grade steady-state and transient core simulator software.

We can analyze anticipated operational occurrences (AOO) and plant transients. Issues specific to BWR operations, such as stability and thermal margin calculations, including OLMCPR and SLMCPR can also be adressed by us.

Spent fuel analysis

Studsvik Scandpower has performed several cask loading optimization studies for utilities concerned with minimizing partially loaded dry storage casks.

Our spent fuel analysis tools accurately calculate decay heat, radiation source terms, and full isotopic reports for fuel in the spent fuel pool using the actual operating history and full 3D description of the fuel.

Reactivity management

Our services can help engineers analyze past events and plan for future maneuvering using real plant data. Engineers from Studsvik Scandpower has supported several plants by providing alternative power recovery schemes, alternative downpower paths, and alternative boration strategies, all of which can improve efficiency and increase revenue.

The use of our reactivity management tools include advanced, 3D core models, and address emerging issues like SOER 07-01 and INPO’s Zero-10 PCI initiative.

CMS model development

For utilities struggling with fewer available engineering resources, Studsvik Scandpower can provide you the benefits of fuel vendor oversight while allowing your engineers to focus on analysis.

Studsvik will build, benchmark, and maintain your core model. The Studsvik core model can be used with S3R, our cycle-specific training simulator core model, or GARDEL, our automated reactivity management software.

We also offer a range of model review, benchmarking, and optimization solutions to customers who currently maintain their own independent core model for reactor analysis.

Unparalleled Training

Studsvik Scandpower has extensive experience in helping our customers implement our products to get up and running quickly. Introductory, refresher and advanced training courses are offered throughout the year. Studsvik International User Group Meetings gives our customers the opportunity to build relationships with Studsvik product developers and engineers while at the same time learning about new techniques and products. In addition to software training, many organizations have profited from Studsvik Scandpower’s broad expertise to provide holistic training to new staff members in key aspects related to nuclear fuel cycle management.

Studsvik’s technical support is built on putting the needs of our customers first. Our nuclear engineering staff are here to help.