Ian McKinley

Role: Senior Technical Sales Manager

Department: Salesteam, Isotopesteam

Email: ian.mckinley@studsvik.com

Phone: +44 7798 711672

Bio: Business Development Manager – Fuel and Materials Technology BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, Chartered Engineer, MIMechE Lives with his family in Ramsbottom, UK. Enjoys road cycling with Lancashire RC and can often be found racing cyclo-cross in very muddy fields in the North West of England. Likes working for a Swedish company and very much enjoys the Scandinavian countryside during visits to Studsvik.
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-mckinley-55399625/

“Freedom to be dynamic in our response to changing markets and customer requirements”

Ian started his career as a Mechanical Engineering Graduate with British Nuclear Fuels Ltd and gradually moved forwards in the business process through roles in project management, contract management, proposals and in recent years, business development. While he feels his current role best suits his personality, he enjoys being able to draw on knowledge and experience of each stage in the lifecycle of a project gained over the past two decades.


Can you describe what your role in Studsvik includes?

My role involves sales for Studsvik Fuel & Materials Technology, predominantly in the UK – this includes management of a number of key accounts and development of new leads to achieve growth. I am also involved in Studsvik Isotopes and various corporate strategies around marketing and sales, and internal/external collaborations.


Describe something Studsvik has supported a customer with that you are especially proud of.

Studsvik support to one of our key customers makes a significant contribution to the safe extension of power plant life and so ensures security of the UK electricity supply. I recently witnessed this important client praise our work to another potential customer, which was a great reflection on the whole Studsvik team!


Tell us a great thing about Studsvik?

Despite our site being established over 70 years ago, Studsvik has a very modern approach and is very open to innovative technologies and ways of working. We are also privately owned, which gives a level of freedom to be dynamic in our response to changing markets and customer requirements. For an organization within the Nuclear Industry, things can move very quickly at Studsvik.


What is innovation to you and how does it influence your work?

“We think differently” is a statement used in Studsvik marketing that I feel is very true of our company. We have a wide-ranging team with lots off different skills and abilities that when combined, produce pragmatic solutions to difficult or unusual problems. For me personally, I feel that the size of the company promotes an innovative approach – we are big enough to be able to dedicate time and resources to new ideas, but not so large that change becomes very difficult due to long chains of command.