A full range of delivery models are available to customers of Studsvik Isotopes.

Including reactor-to-end-purchaser turnkey solutions, white labelling – Studsvik manufacture under the customer brand, and hosting of client personnel within the Studsvik Tech Park.

70 years of operations in the Nuclear Industry means our customers benefit from security of supply. Working relationships with reactor sites around the world provide diversity in our supply chain. With an established Studsvik brand, we are internationally recognised and trusted.

Our expert in-house personnel represents a significant talent pool with decades of relevant experience that brings real value to our customers. Lab based experts and technical consultants offer expertise across every aspect of isotope delivery.

As an independent privately owned company, our customer benefit from levels of responsiveness and service at the top of our industry. Customers are our primary stakeholders and as such, the Studsvik experience is one they return for time after time.

Our existing site licence, security, facilities and shared overheads with other projects means that Studsvik Isotopes are highly competitive on the international market. Whether through refurbishment of exiting cells or sharing costs for new manufacturing units, Studsvik Isotopes can help meet your challenges in a cost-effective way.