Plant Life Management

Studsvik offers extensive experience in aging of metallic materials and components, notably Reactor Pressure Vessel and Core Internals.

This is now made available to organizations throughout the world seeking support with their plant aging management and life extension programs. Studsvik’s world renowned reputation of many years as experts in performing testing and analysis of RPV and core internal materials, on behalf of customers in Europe and USA, is offered to customers worldwide.

This offering includes expertise, testing and analysis applicable to individual components, as well as entire reactor systems, regarding plant life extension  and life management of BWRs and PWRs. Through extensive experience, Studsvik has developed expertise in the design and construction of custom-built hot-cell equipment for on-line creep, crack initiation and crack growth rate measurements in water chemistry environments simulating actual plant conditions, as well as developed analytical tools and techniques for mechanistic understanding and input for modelling.

In addition, Studsvik has also extensive experience in transporting material from utilities to hot cells as well as between hot-cells. Contact Studsvik today for further discussions of tailored customized solutions regarding aging management or life extension of your reactor components/systems.

You will ensure success, optimize material use and mitigate risks in your reactor life management program thanks to Studsvik’s vast experience in material testing and analysis methodologies.

Studsvik plant aging management – a holistic view based on experience