Fuel Qualification

Studsvik has vast expertise in all facets of fuel qualification testing and analyses, as well as extensive experience in formal licensing process submitted to several regulatory agencies worldwide.

This is now available to organizations developing new fuel designs for the international marketplace. Studsvik’s expertise can provide significant cost savings and risk reduction and expedite the approval process.

When a new nuclear fuel design is introduced to the market an extensive set of tests and analyses is required in order to demonstrate the fuel meets internationally accepted safety standards. This testing and analyses can easily take several years to complete, if performed properly. Studsvik helps reduce risk of uncertainty in proper testing techniques and analyses because of our long history of successfully performing extensive testing and analysis associated with fuel qualification for multiple organizations throughout the world.

In addition using its internationally accepted Quality Assurance and Project Management programs expertise Studsvik can facilitate preparation and submittal of formal licensing documents needed for regulatory approval.

Facts of Studsvik Fuel Qualification Capabilities

  • Physical examination and testing of more fuel types in than any lab in the nuclear industry.
  • Expertise in computational analysis required for safety analysis (radiation dose, neutronic, thermal-hydraulics, fuel performance, etc.)
  • Formal international licensing submittal experience
  • Compliance with global quality and technical standards (ISO-9001)
  • Project management expertise for large-scale international contracts