Studsvik Suisse AG (SSAG) was founded in 2013, the head office is located in Ennetbaden, approx. 25 km northwest of Zurich. The company supports the Swiss market with highly skilled experts mainly in radiation protection and decontamination, with emphasis in radiological occupational safety. Studsvik employs 25 persons permanently in Switzerland, for outages and other special projects additional personnel can be provided.

The managing Director of Studsvik Suisse AG is Jürgen Bopst, who joined Studsvik in 2017.

At the Mühleberg nuclear power plant, we support the decommissioning process for decontamination, segmentation of materials, radiation protection, free release measurements and conceptual building release.

All four Swiss nuclear power plants are among our clients, as well as the national interim storage facility ZWILAG. We also participate in radiation protection training courses at Paul-Scherer-Institute. Studsvik Suisse AG serves also as a technical hub for developing Studsvik’s participation in international research programs based in Switzerland.



Studsvik Suisse AG
Schlösslistrasse 12, 5408 Ennetbaden, Switzerland
Phone: + 41 79 501 42 08