Joakim Karlsson

Role: Senior Technical Sales Manager / Senior Specialist Fuel Performance and PIE

Department: Specialists


Phone: +46 (0)155 22 17 87

Bio: Masters degree in Engineering physics and PhD in Reactor Physics Joakim enjoys reading and his door is always open for discussions on almost any subject. Lives in Nyköping with his family and friendly cat. Has a rolling bet with his wife, no day with less than 30 mins of physical activity. He has not lost yet.

“I have the best job there is!”

Instead of bedtime stories, as a child Joakim Karlsson discussed how the universe is working with his dad – it was clear from early age that Joakim was to become a scientist. With great interest in mathematics and physics the choice for university degree was easy, engineering physics could offer the challenges he wanted. After adding a PhD degree in reactor physics to his CV Joakim worked at GSE power systems for some years before joining Studsvik as responsible for experiments at the R2 reactor in 2002. His experience also includes roles as Team Manager and Project Manager for international programs, today his role is Senior Specialist.


What does your role as senior specialist include?

“I have a rather broad role. I manage some projects that include a certain aspect of development or extra complexity. I also support the organization with my expertise when exploring new techniques, analyzing data and reviewing results. In addition to this, I have an active role as technical support to our sales team since the services we offer require deep understanding of our customers’ challenges.

What I like about my role is that one day I am in a meeting with a new customer and on another I am in the lab developing new products with my colleagues. I have the best job there is!


Describe something Studsvik has supported the nuclear industry with that you are especially proud of.

“We are currently running the last year of phase III of the Studsvik Cladding Integrity Project (SCIP) , where we have over 30 members from 15 countries. I am really proud how well we at Studsvik have organized and fulfilled this program together. This a very important project both for the nuclear industry and Studsvik and a lot of highly valuable results have come out of SCIP III. Besides SCIP I am also very engaged in a large program focusing on safe storage of damaged fuel rods. The data from this program are similarly of high value and importance for the nuclear industry but on the back-end part of the fuel life cycle.”


Tell us a great thing about Studsvik?

“We often fix the challenges others may experience issues with. I believe it is because of our flexibility and diversity, both in terms of our staff but also our facilities and equipment. We attack problems with a pragmatic approach and find ways to solve them in a rather non-complicated way. Our customers benefit from this since we then can deliver what they ask for in a relatively short time.”