Jiaxin Chen

Role: Senior Specialist Fuel Crud and System Oxides

Department: Specialists

Bio: Master Degree of Technology in inorganic non-metallic materials and PhD in Inorganic Chemistry. Active person who likes swimming, walking and discussing with family and friends. A creative person full of ideas who keeps up with technological development, both privately and professionally.

“The receipt to keep the long-term relationship with our customers is our full-hearted dedication and competence.”

Jiaxin Chen grew up in Southern China and still remembers a school essay he wrote at his young school age about his dream to become an engineer, building machines for the hard-working farmers in rice fields. He stayed true to this conviction, studying science and technology in China and later in Sweden, earned his PhD in chemistry and now working as a senior specialist at Studsvik.


How would you describe your role as Senior Specialist?

“As a chemist I really enjoy working with my hands and making observations in laboratory. This is how I develop my competence and receive new inspiration. Together with my colleagues, I try to explore different and innovative technical solutions to help our customers. More lately, I have put my focus in some emerging fields where new technologies meet the old problems in nuclear power plants. By utilizing the strength of Studsvik and cooperating with external partners I try to deliver new solutions to our customers. The best part working at Studsvik is that there is a vast amount of knowledge and competence that one can continue to build on and to invent for our customers, and there is a generous culture that allows for individual development.”


Describe something Studsvik has supported a customer with that you are especially proud of.

“I would like to highlight this on a more general basis. I am really proud that Studsvik, with our competence and dedication, has built a great trust with our customers. They trust that we would do everything we possibly can to help them or to launch a first-of-its-kind pilot project when a successful outcome is not obviously in sight. This is a big responsibility to manage for us. Studsvik has solved problems for the nuclear industry for more than half a century, the receipt to keep the long-term relationship with our customers is our full-hearted dedication and competence.”


What is innovation to you and how does that influence your work in Studsvik?

“For me that is the situation when I have been looking for a solution for a long time and then all the sudden, the idea of solution becomes so obvious. Most often it is my own perception that is a real hinder for new thoughts. Most of the good ideas I have come up with have been through working in the emerging fields between different scientific disciplines. I learn new things and create new things by transferring the established techniques over the border between them. To do so it is key to have active communications with colleagues of different backgrounds in order to learn new things and to receive inspiration.”