Anders Jensen

Role: Senior specialist in Stress corrosion cracking in LWRs

Department: Specialists, Salesteam

Bio: Bachelor’s degree in analytical chemistry with over 30 years’ experience from the nuclear industry. Lives in Stockholm with his wife and considers France his second homeland. Misses the Swedish nature when abroad. Hiking and sleeping under the stars are a way to recharge the energy levels. If in need for film recommendation, Anders is a dedicated movie buff and has well over 1,000 titles on his seen-list. He is a big consumer of rock, blues and jazz music and would never dream of missing a concert with one of his many favorite acts.

“We can perform unique high-quality experiments”

Anders started his careeratASEA-Atom, later ABB Atom (now Westinghouse) where he worked with materials testing projects for most of the 18 years he was employed there. He remembers that Studsvikcaught his attention during anexpert meeting oncracking in brackets to the emergency core cooling system in Ringhals 1. A few months later he was employed as project manager and today he is one of Studsvik’s senior specialists.


Can you describe what your role in Studsvik includes?

“A large part of my work involvesstructuring and analyzing data from the complex material testing we do in our laboratories. Mentoring others in the organization is also a very important part of my role as senior specialist, to share and transfer accumulated knowledge is key fora continued safe and efficient nuclear industry. Attending customer meetings and conferences is also a strategy to keep me updated on the current challenges for the industry within my area.”


Describe something Studsvik has supported a customer with that you are especially proud of.

“When Studsvik delivered a complete solution for a life extension project to one of our major customers. It included international transportation of reactor vessel internal materials, an extensive testing program and final disposal. The data will support license renewal applications for operation beyond 40 years. The material came to Studsvik in 2013 and the final report is being prepared. This project has beena true team effort.”


Tell us a great thing about Studsvik?

“Studsvik have world class laboratoriesin combination with highly skilled personnel,we can perform unique high-quality experiments.”


What is on your wish list workwise?

“I am a lucky person in that respect, my current job allows me do to what I really enjoy. Together with my colleagues we find creative solutions that solves problems for our customers.”