Customer feedback

A few words from our customers about Studsvik's recent succesful work.

"Studsvik the go to source"

Studsvik has been playing a vital role in Westinghouse's advanced zirconium alloy development. Studsvik is also the “go to” resource for zirconium researchers to tackle special topics, from US NRC’s fuel fragmentation study, to EPRI’s F-SECT evaluations and many, many others.

- Westinghouse Electric Company

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"The work fulfilled safety case requirements to ensure continued operation of the AGR fleet for EDF Energy"

I was really enthused by the conversations with the team – in particular, the knowledge, context awareness, and willingness of your cave line staff to try new approaches was great to observe! You have some fantastic staff at Studsvik – thank you for facilitating a visit to allow myself to meet some of them! 

- EDF Energy

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"Deriving the most benefit"

At several times STUDSVIK has developed a highly flexible approach by adjusting some examinations during their realization in order to derive the most benefit from them and sometimes beyond what was initially planned. I can also testify that Studsvik shows responsiveness and flexibility within the international program SCIP in which Framatome is involved.

- Framatome

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