Studsvik offers a range of specialized technical services to our customers.

We develop, sell and deliver innovative technical solutions to create superior value by improving performance and reducing risk.

Our services include advanced engineering and consultancy, fuel and materials testing, fuel and reactor management software as well as lifecycle management of nuclear and radioactive hazards, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and designing radioactive waste management processes.

Create customer value

Studsvik focuses on creating value for customers. Customer collaboration begins with us gaining a detailed insight into customers' needs, operations and methods, and then, in consultation with them, developing technical special solutions that increase efficiency, increase service life or create conditions for alternative, more efficient solutions.

Value is created in two different ways, depending on the characteristics of the customer and the current life cycle:

  1. Increasing profitability by improving performance and efficiency, reducing costs, creating the conditions for extending the life of the plant or finding alternative solutions.
  2. Reducing the customer's liability commitments and sales needs by limiting the risks through the development and commissioning of more efficient decommissioning and waste management methods.