Camilla Hoflund

Role: President, CEO and acting Business Area President Fuel- and Materials Technology

Department: Salesteam, Isotopesteam


Phone: +46760021535

Born 1969. Employed 1994

Education: Mining engineer, Materials Technology

Other assignments: Member of the Board of Swedish Institute of Standards, SIS

Shareholding: 11,200

Bio: Master degree in Material Science

Has a passion for building strong teams via leadership adapted to individuals. Optimist by choice, everything is possible until opposite proven.

Reloads her batteries in the stable tending horses and riding in the forests of Södermanland. Music lover who rarely leaves a party without dancing.


“Everything is possible – it is a matter of time, resources and attitude”

Camilla grew up in Haparanda close to the Arctic circle but left this small town for university studies in Stockholm. From early on Camilla knew that she wanted to work with leadership and business development in a highly technical industry. She joined Studsvik in 1994 as a project manager which quickly developed into different manager roles. The complexity of the nuclear industry is still an important motivator for her being a person who really appreciates challenges in her daily work.


How can Studsvik apply its nuclear expertise to the isotope markets?

“We combine our expertise and flexible laboratory facilities with innovative thinking from other industries. Studsvik dare to think differently in a rather conservative industry but with a large portion of respect for previous experiences.”


Scandinavia and Sweden are famous for its nuclear industry, what makes you most proud?

“Sweden has played an active role in developing today’s safe nuclear technology including the entire life cycle and generated waste. I am proud over the extensive knowledge we have in this industry despite Sweden’s relatively small size.”


Can you share one great thing about today’s Studsvik?

“During all my years at Studsvik we have always worked in teams under the paradigm that collaboration makes success. Together everything is possible, it is just a matter time, resources and attitude. Without blocking hierarchies, we can encourage the organization to be curious and suggest different solutions to a challenge.”


How do this translate to Studsvik’s service to the isotope market and what makes our offering special?

“Through our genuine interest and curiosity to understand our customers value chains we can contribute and offer added value for our services. Sealed sources require safe and high-quality handling, we strive for balancing this with continuously improved technical solutions. A good balance between these important elements benefit the customer in terms of time or cost efficiencies or even an improved product.”


What was you first reaction when you started discussing Studsvik entering the isotope market?

“Of course shall Studsvik with our legacy and experience be a part of this market! I am convinced that we can contribute very positively to the isotope industry! These believes have now been translated into investments in the facilities and the organization, sanctioned also by Studsvik’s board.”


A final question, where is Studsvik in 10 years?

“My vision is that Studsvik has an important position on the isotope market where we are a reliable and innovative supplier that deliver to our promises. We have expanded our isotope activities and have joined strategic partnerships with leading customers in this industry sector.”