Waste Management Services

Studsvik provides waste route optimization management within:

  • Reactor decommissionings
  • Reactor operations
  • Repository operations
  • New build developments
  • Accelerators
  • Radiological installations at hospitals

Radioactive Waste Repositories

Studsvik provide full lifecycle support for repositories, from front-end planning to operational management.


Studsvik have developed a comprehensive suite of Waste Characterisation tools and services, tailored to customer needs and regulatory requirements.

Clearance & Exemption

Clearance and exemption of waste is core a business. We advise from in-depth statistical sampling to in-situ monitoring and / or assay.

Safety Analysis

We provide expert nuclear safety analysis to ensure key areas of safety analysis and risk assessment are based on experience, best practice and industry accepted protocols.


Studsvik has a vast wealth of experience licensing and operating nuclear facilities and waste disposal repositories.

Strategy & Planning

Studsvik has led in the development of national programs and strategy to facilitate a step change in the way in which low-level radioactive waste is managed in the UK.

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