Studsvik offer a variety of solutions to meet your specific isotope requirements.

These can be combined into a turnkey service that will add value to your business in the form of a robust supply chain.

Our transport team have a many decades of experience in performing safe and efficient transports of irradiated materials around the globe. Often using our own packages and flasks, the specialist team of transportation project managers and technicians ensure regulatory and customs compliance for road, rail, air and sea transportation.

Automated manufacturing processes at Studsvik offer innovative and pragmatic solutions to meet your isotope supply challenges. Recent experience on a major international project successfully demonstrated our capability for ‘nuclearisation’ of off-the-shelf plant and equipment to provide cost effective reliability and throughput.

Handling of waste streams is a key consideration in our manufacturing and we are a leader in management, treatment and storage of radioactive waste forms. Using assets on our own site and through established relationships with Swedish repositories, we can develop solutions for interim storage and final disposal as part of the service.

Here at Studsvik, we have owned and operated hot cells since the 1960s and helped customers develop their own hot cell facilities. This means our highly experienced staff have encountered and solved most problems before! Whatever your requirements for engineered sealed sources are, please contact us for an initial discussion.