Patrick Vreede

Role: Specialist Radiation Physics and Clearance

Department: Specialists, Salesteam

Bio: Specialist Radiation Physics and Clearance M.Sc. Engineering Physics Lives in Stockholm with wife and two kids. Enjoys downhill skiing but recently learnt to appreciate cross-county skiing as well. To make Patrick happy, serve him strong coffee and salty licorice while playing the card game Magic.

“We always strive to think differently and increase the efficiency to constantly improve our performance”

With a great interest in technology the choice was easy for Patrick Vreede when applying for university, engineering it should be. When specializing he aimed for a branch where advanced technology and medical research could be combined. Once he had his degree in Engineering Physics he started working as research technician at Karolinska Institute. In 2012 he joined Studsvik as a Consultant and Project Manager which has developed into his current position as Specialist.

Can you describe what your role in Studsvik includes?

“I have a split role where beside my specialist function I also take an active part in our sales activities. This includes representing Studsvik in business meetings with our customers and presenting our capabilities at conferences or similar. Together with my colleagues, we develop new offerings and I typically interact with our customers a couple times per week.”

Describe something Studsvik has supported a customer with that you are especially proud of.

“Definitely the free release project for the Karolinska Hospital former facilities. Studsvik could, with our extensive experience, support the customer from the start and propose a highly efficient concept for the free release.  In 2016 we could demonstrate and further refine our new approach, which led to a continued contract with them also including radiological surveys and related measurement.”


Tell us a great thing about Studsvik?

“We always strive to think differently and increase the efficiency to constantly improve our performance. I also think the way we collaborate at Studsvik to reach better results together is quite unique. Refining our procedures together is the key for successful development!”


What is on your wish list workwise?

“I like to aim really high in my work, so I say Studsvik being responsible for the free release of a full scale nuclear power plant! Taking our concepts and ideas and applying them together with our fantastic team, that is one of my dreams.”