Arnaud Cazalet

Role: Specialist International transports

Department: Specialists, Isotopesteam

Bio: 25 years’ rich experience in the management of international multimodal transport projects of radioactive materials.

Multicultural professional background and good interpersonal skills.

Double master’s degree “International Transports & Logistics” and “EHQSS”.

Multilingual, growing up in the French Pyrenees, starting his career in France, then in Germany for several years and now working in Sweden since 2009.

Team player after many years of playing rugby in France, also fond of lonely mountain hikes.

Misses the beautiful and peaceful nature with its clean air and numerous lakes when away from Sweden.


“Isotope market requires flexibility and reactivity”

Arnaud Cazalet moved from Germany to join Studsvik nearly 9 years ago. With his experience from both the French and German nuclear industries, he was recruited to manage complex international transports of irradiated materials. His role has since expanded to include the provision of specialist support to the rest of Studsvik organization on transportation related challenges.  


Scandinavia and Sweden are famous for its nuclear industry, what makes you most proud?  

“Despite its size, Sweden can compete with other countries in the nuclear research. Our contribution to nuclear research and waste management brings value to the global market. This makes me really proud working for Swedish company Studsvik”  


How can Studsvik apply its nuclear expertise to the isotope markets? 

“Studsvik already built experience within isotope markets in the past when producing medical isotopes in the on-site R2 reactor. The isotope market requires flexibility and reactivity as well as a worldwide coverage capability, which is Studsvik offers through international activity and fields of action today.” 


Talking about assets, can you share one great thing about Studsvik?  

“Studsvik is able to face ambitious technical challenges by involving international, multicultural teams from diverse technical skylines and make them work harmoniously to deliver the best and optimal package solution for our customers.” 


How does this translate to Studsvik’s service to the isotope market and what makes our offering special? 

“Our services can be provided as either a full package or bespoke offering. Working closely with our customers from the beginning, we gain a full comprehension of client requirements. Our dedicated resources hold considerable experience in transport coordination within a demanding and highly regulated environment, where safety, quality and security are continuously met on an international level.”