Studsvik held its 2019 Users Group Meeting (UGM) Oct. 8-11, in Dresden Germany.

The event was attended by more than 50 representatives from Studsvik’s customers in Europe, Asia and North America.  Presentations, now available on this Web site with customer login, included:

  • Product updates from Studsvik’s developers
  • Discussions by Studsvik’s customers on a wide range of uses of its products from fuel and core design, to the permanent disposal of spent nuclear fuel. 


Studsvik Group CEO, Camilla Hoflund, welcomed the attendees and discussed Studsvik’s 70-year history of supporting the nuclear fuel lifecycle.  Today, Studsvik group supports everything from nuclear fuel qualification, core design and analysis, the design and licensing of new reactor technologies, to decommissioning.  Tom Marcille, Vice President of Reactor Technologies at Holtec International, provided the keynote address.  Marcille drew upon his background as a reactor physicist and his experience at General Electric, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NuScale Power and Holtec to discuss the major advances in nuclear fuel and reactor software.  Marcille serves as Chief Nuclear Officer for the development of Holtec’s small modular reactor, SMR-160 (, and reviewed its design with the attendees.