(This is an update from the previous message dated September 26 regarding the Studsvik Hot Cell Labs) Following the erroneous activation of the fire suppression system within the Studsvik Hot Cell Laboratory facility a few weeks ago, the incident resulted in radioactive contamination within the lab itself. This contamination has now been removed and the Hot Cell Laboratory facility has resumed operation.

In addition, the fire suppression system has been temporarily replaced with an alternate suppression system, which mitigates any risk of erroneous activation and strictly limits risk of contamination when used. These measures have all been reported by Studsvik to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. Subsequently, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority has granted Studsvik permission to resume operation on October 24, 2017.                                                            

Studsvik continues a detailed investigation into the original erroneous fire alarm incident in order to ensure long-term safe and effective fire protection throughout the Studsvik Hot Cell Lab facility. 

As reported earlier, no one was injured or contaminated from the incident and no contamination was released from the facility. The cleanup operation following the incident proceeded without complications and without significantly increasing dose to any Studsvik personnel. 

For further information please contact:

Joakim Lundström, CEO Studsvik Nuclear AB
Phone: +46 76 002 11 53
Email: joakim.lundstrom@studsvik.com