In the morning of November 1, 2018, the “2018 Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit Forum” opened in Yantai. The theme of the forum was "Nuclear Energy Industry and Technological Innovation".

The Nuclear Power Industry Chain Summit Forum has been held annually in Yantai since 2016 and signified the importance of Yantai in the Chinese Nuclear Power Industry. In the vicinity of Yantai, there will be 49 units of nuclear power reactors in operation by 2030.

This is the first time Studsvik was invited to such event, and represented by Steven Freel, Oliver Tsaoi and Daqing Cui. During the forum, a MOU (memorandum of understanding) was signed between Studsvik Scandpower and Yantai Nuclear Power R&D Center for cooperation in Chinese nuclear power industry in the areas of reactor core and fuel analysis and core monitoring technologies.

Steve and Daqing presented in the forum, with the topics of “Studsvik’s Products and Services for Chinese Nuclear Power Industry” and “Study on Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste”, respectively.

This year more than 500 delegates from Chinese ministries and commissions such as the State Energy Administration, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, the China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, and local government agencies such as the Shandong Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Credit Commission and the Science and Technology Department, the Yantai Municipal Government, and universities such as Tsinghua University, Shandong University, Jilin University, Harbin Engineering University, Beijing University of Science and Technology, and engineering and scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Academy of Sciences, Yantai Nuclear Power R&D Center, as well as the Chinese nuclear utilities such as China National Nuclear Company, China General Nuclear, State Power Investment Corporation, and other nuclear power product and service suppliers such as China First Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., China Electric Construction Group, etc., and Studsvik.