ChungHong Sheng

Project Manager - ALARA

....every day is full of learning and that’s also the beauty of it!

Describe a typical day in your position

My job involves a lot modelling, analyzing, writing reports… – so I am often at my computer. I build up input models and do different accident/transient analyses for nuclear power plant, such as LOCA (loss of coolant accident), overfilling, core uncover, etc. I also do radioactivity surveys and radiation dose rates calculations.

Why do you enjoy working at Studsvik?

I’ve always enjoyed to find the logic and relations between numbers and things. We work with different customers, with a wide range of tasks, I love the variety, no two projects are the same. I appreciate the kind, supportive people I work with, feel inspired by their way of thinking and approaches.

What is challenging about your job?

Since we do safety analysis for nuclear power plant, It means great responsibility, each new project brings a new challenge to use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas that I am unsure of, every day is full of learning, and that’s also the beauty of it!