Using our ground-breaking methods and state-of-the-art technology, Studsvik’s Freeze-Tec provides clients with an optimal solution to a multitude of waste management issues. We work closely with our customers to deliver an innovative and tailored service that offers significant benefits when handling, managing, and treating various materials such as sediments, sludges, and residues.

Studsvik’s Freeze-Tec offers our customers a range of benefits including:

  • Improved environmental performance against conventional technologies
  • Safe handling due to the immobilization of the materials which provides a safe working environment
  • Cost savings from reduced energy consumption, reduced volume for transport, and easier disposal of dried material

Studsvik engineering team can adapt this innovative technology to meet your specific requirements and environmental conditions.  

Freeze-tec applications

 Freeze-tec can be utilized and implemented in the following methods:

  • Freeze-Tec Dewatering
    • Through optimization of the freeze-thaw cycle, the dewatering process can remove most of the water and transform the sludge into coarse particles with low water content.
  • Freeze-Tec Dredging 

    • Contaminated sediments can be stabilized, in-situ, and safely removed in a frozen state.  This material can then be further dewatered or treated for final disposal.
  • Freeze-Tec Sampling 
    • Sampling can be performed for a variety of sludges and sediments.  Sampling methods include surface sampling, depth sampling, and core sampling. 
  • Freeze-Tec Salvage Recovery
    • Preserve and recovery lost articles ranging from small tools to large size equipment.  Ideal for hazardous and delicate items.  (i.e. Drums, unexploded ordnance, artifacts, etc.)