Studsvik Scandpower sets the industry standard for in-core fuel performance software with unparalleled accuracy, production-level run times, and easy-to-use input.


CASMO5 is Studsvik Scandpower’s state-of-the-art 2D lattice physics code for modeling square and hexagonal LWR nuclear fuel. By including the latest nuclear data and substantially expanded modeling capability, CASMO5 reaches far beyond previously available lattice physics codes. 

  • Couples to SIMULATE-5 for next-generation accuracy
  • Quadratic gadolinium depletion model
  • 586 energy groups for more explicit resonance treatment
  • Resonance up-scattering and localized energy release models


HELIOS-2 is a 2D, generalized geometry lattice physics transport code capable of analyzing fuel used in conventional and advanced reactor designs. It can perform complex physics calculations for non-LWR lattices (CANDU, HTGR, VHTR, MSR, PHWR, Magnox, RBMK, etc.) and experimental reactors (MTR, TRIGA, etc.).

  • Geometry rendering module
  • Generalized two-dimensional geometry
  • Predictor-corrector depletion with decay
  • Subgroup-based resonance treatment
  • Full restart capability with geometry modification


SIMULATE5 is a 3D, steady-state, multi-group nodal code for the analysis of LWRs. It delivers vendor independence and unparalleled accuracy for advanced core designs with increased heterogeneity and aggressive operating strategies. 

  • 3D, pin-by-pin power and exposure distributions
  • Microscopic depletion model with more than 50 explicit nuclides
  • Automatic submeshing for improved accuracy
  • Advanced thermal-hydraulic models


SIMULATE-3K is an advanced, two-group nodal code for transient analysis of LWRs. It delivers neutronic and thermal-hydraulic analysis with licensing-grade accuracy over a wide range of dynamic applications. 

  • 3D, transient pin-by-pin power and exposure distributions
  • Couple to system codes for full-plant transient analysis
  • Evaluates fast anticipated operational occurrences
  • Used for best-estimate and licensing calculations


XIMAGE is a graphical fuel management and loading pattern optimization suite that provides core design engineers with a sophisticated interface to simplify fuel shuffling and the evaluation of alternate loading patterns. 

  • Interactive automated tool for core reload design
  • Powered by SIMULATE, Studsvik's advanced neutronic core analysis software
  • Multi-cycle and equilibrium energy analysis
  • Optional PWR reload optimization module