Studsvik has developed a series of Waste Treatment Technologies which are designed to significantly reduce the waste volume by up to 95%. These technologies have been tested and are in operation on nuclear sites around the world. Our innovative radioactive waste treatment processes are at the forefront of Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management. In the UK, Studsvik is well positioned for treating the legacy and decommissioned wastes from the NDA estate and for the UK Nuclear Defence Programme.

We will draw upon the significant experience from within the wider Studsvik group to support your needs in treating metallic, sludges, resins, acids, liquids, concrete etc waste. Our technology provides scalable options to ensure the appropriate volume reduction is ascertained in conjunction with maximising your return on investment. 

Our Value Proposition is summarised by three key axes: 

  • Safety – minimal waste sorting, limiting/excluding worker exposure
  • Efficiency – up to 95% volume reduction of waste
  • Environment – no harmful emissions and resultant waste form is stabilised 

These axes guide the application of the technology to meet your requirements and are detailed during the requirements capture. 

For further information on our technology, please refer to our Waste Management Technology page. 

Studsvik Ltd also is an active member of the LLWR Parent Body Organisation board whose role is to manage the stewardship of this National Asset.  Over the last decade has significantly improve the waste handling and diversion from the site to save significant space in the vaults and save money for the Taxpayer. Further details of our work are contained here.