Studsvik offers a range of specialized technical services to our customers.

We develop, sell and deliver innovative technical solutions to create superior value by improving performance and reducing risk.

We offer advanced engineering and consultancy, fuel and materials testing, fuel and reactor management software as well as lifecycle management of nuclear and radioactive hazards, decommissioning of nuclear facilities and designing radioactive waste management processes.

Creating Customer Value

Studsvik is focused on creating value for our customers. We work with customers to first gain a deep understanding of their needs, operations and processes, and then work with customers to develop technically specialized solutions to increase efficiency, increase lifetime or enable alternative, more effective solutions.

We create value in two ways, depending on the customers and the nature of the lifecycle involved:

  1. Increase profitability, by increasing performance and efficiency, reducing cost, facilitating plant lifetime extensions or enabling alternative solutions

  2. Reduce customer liabilities and nuclear provision, through mitigation of risk by development and implementation of more effective decommissioning and waste management practices.