To work independently in the Studsvik area you require, apart from approved security clearance, a clear drug test. The tests may not be older than three years.

All companies who have staff who work, or who will work, at the Studsvik facility, must send in copies of completed drug tests for relevant staff. The drug test must include narcotic substances (cannabis, heroin, opiates, cocaine and amphetamine as well as benzodiazepines).

Drug tests are to be sent by email to or to Studsvik Nuclear AB, Säkerhetshandläggare, SE-611 82 Nyköping, Sweden. Drug tests can be performed by your occupational health service or similar facility. Studsvik uses Previa in Nyköping.

All contractors/consultants/suppliers are subject to Studsvik’s drug policy and may be randomly selected for drug tests while in the Studsvik area, in the same way as employees.

Extract from Studsvik’s drug policy:

 “Drugs refers to alcohol, narcotics and other addictive drugs. Employees that misuse drugs constitute a safety risk – both to themselves and those around them, since misuse affects an employee’s ability to carry out his or her work. Persons under the influence of drugs are therefore not allowed within Studsvik’s companies and must be immediately refused entry.”

If you have questions, please contact Säkerhetshandläggare, telephone +46 155 22 13 13 or email