As the pandemic continues across the globe, Studsvik would like to reassure our customers that we continue to remain vigilant by monitoring and following local guidance provided by governments in all our geographic locations worldwide. Our top priority is ensuring we keep our employees safe while continuing to deliver to our customers, colleague, and partners.

Across the Studsvik business areas, while portions of staff remain working from home, our service levels continue to remain at normal capacity. We have adapted for lack of physical meetings with customers and amongst our staff using virtual means of communication (e.g., Zoom, Teams, etc.).

As of Nov 10, 2020 our site in Sweden is fully operational. There has been some disruption of international travel and some transports. Customers affected have been informed.

We will continue our focus of minimizing any disruption to our operations, recognizing the dynamic nature of the pandemic can change quickly.

Currently, we do not foresee any change in this status, however if things changes quickly we will inform customers affected and update the Studsvik web-site.

Camilla Hoflund

Joakim Lundström
Business Area President - Fuel- and Materials Technology