“The prize is awarded to Dr. Malte Edenius for his outstanding work on the development of core simulation software for light water reactors” the chair of the Society started his presentation of the 2019s’ year winner of the Honorary Prize.”

He went on: “Malte developed the principal ideas behind the CASMO lattice physics code and together with few co-workers Malte developed the core simulation package CASMO/SIMULATE which has achieved a world leading position in its area. The work has allowed for optimized design for reactor cores and efficient operation of light water reactors.”

Malte was not able to attend to collect prize, an another Studsvik colleague, Christian Jönsson, did it in his place at Energiforsk Annual Nuclear Conference 2019 (Seminar: Flexible nuclear power and ancillary services), with representatives from Scandinavian and European Nuclear utilities and EU/IAEA

Studsvik is very proud that Dr Malte Edenius got this very honorable prize! He is in good company; Last year the prize was awarded to Prof. Janne Wallenius and the year before that to Dr. Hans Blix.

Congratulations Malte!

Read more at SKS homepage (in Swedish): http://www.karnteknik.se/aktiviteter/nyhetsarkiv/sks-hederspris-ar-2019-har-tilldelats


The Swedish Nuclear Society is a non-profit organization, promoting the peaceful use of nuclear science and technology. It was Est in 1958, and today is has more than 400 active members. It is one of the most active nuclear societies in Europe. Since 2013 the Society hands-out on honorary prize to someone “who has admirably promoted the technical and scientific development of peaceful nuclear technology or stimulated the exchange of experience and knowledge in the nuclear field.”