Studsvik supports customers in the nuclear industry, as well as those in environmental and other industries who manage radioactivity and radioactive materials.

A Global Company

Studsvik is a truly international company, and we support customers across Europe, North America, Asia including Japan, China, and the Middle East. 

The Nuclear Industry

Studsvik operates mainly in the nuclear industry, where it supports a wide range of customers across the whole of the nuclear power and fuel lifecycle. This includes:

Nuclear Power

  • Pre-Operations: including research and development, development, design, and licensing of nuclear reactors, fuel and other nuclear facilities.
  • Operations: Optimizing operations, improving efficiency and supporting lifetime enhancement and extension.
  • Post-Operations: including Post Operational Clean Out (POCO) and spent fuel management

 Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste Management

  • Planning, strategy, and licensing for decommissioning
  • Implementation of decommissioning projects
  • Nuclear waste management
  • Waste repositories and disposal

We support the full spectrum of customers involved in the nuclear industry, including:

  • Nuclear utilities, owners and operators
  • Nuclear reactor and technology vendors
  • Regulators and authorities
  • Government agencies
  • The nuclear supply chain, including engineering and project management delivery companies
  • Research organizations, councils and networks