SCIP IV is planned to be another five-year project with an overall budget in the order of 14 M€ (SCIP III fee +10 %), starting in July 2019. It will be organised in a similar way as SCIP III. The report (under related documents) describes potential Tasks and Subtasks of SCIP IV as a basis for discussions within potential participants' organisations.

In total, 19 Subtasks are described in the present proposal. Eight Subtasks within Task 1 aim at studying fuel and cladding performance issues related to interim storage. The seven Subtasks described under Task 2 represent a continuation and extension of work performed in SCIP III to investigate LOCA issues. Even Task 3 is a continuation and extension of work performed in SCIP III related to PCI. As in SCIP III, modelling efforts supporting planning and interpretation of experiments in Tasks 1 - 3 will be concentrated in a dedicated Task. Performing all work would exceed by far the SCIP IV budget. Therefore, the interaction with potential participants is expected to provide a prioritisation that will allow defining the final scope of work within the disposable resources.

Based on the results of the prioritisation exercise, the present report will be revised and transform ed into a technical description of SCIP IV, which will form the basis for potential participants to take the decision for joining the new project.

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