Waste Management Technology

Studsvik offers a technology license transfer of our patented waste treatment technologies. This transfer allows the recipient to build, own and operate their own waste management treatment facility using Studsvik’s proven technology.

Studsvik’s proven technology consists of specialized technologies applicable to contaminated waste, from simple dry active waste to complex, difficult to treat, High Level liquid Waste Streams. All Studsvik Waste Management Technologies provide treatment of waste to stabilize and volume reduce in order to meet your local Radioactive Waste acceptance criteria (RAW).

  • Fluidized Bed Steam Reform (FBSR) – Studsvik’s large scale steam reforming technology is applicable to treatment of large volumes of Dry Active Waste (DAW), Trans Uranic Waste (TRU), contaminated liquid resins (IER), nitrates, sludges, and other difficult to treat waste streams. Studsvik can help you design a FBSR facility ranging in annual capacity of treating up to 3200 m3.
  • Metal Treatment Technology – Application of Studsvik’s technology achieves significant volume reduction of contaminated metal components, and free release of salvaged, non-contaminated metal. This technology has been demonstrated with up to 90% volume reduction of contaminated metal components ranging from small motors, wiring, piping, up to much larger contaminated components such as Steam Generators. Specialized applications also include destruction-to-render-unusable sensitive metal components, such as centrifuges.
  • InDRUM – Using a smaller scale version of Studsvik’s steam reforming technology inDRUM can be applied to the same range of DAW, TRU, polymetric materials capable of treating up to 1000 m3 annually. The inDRUM technology is much smaller in scale than the large scale FBSR but provides similar benefits in stabilizing problematic waste to meet acceptance criteria for land fill. No pre-sorting/opening existing drums containing waste is necessary, providing the elimination of the risk of personnel exposure that might occur opening the drums. In many cases, for problematic waste streams, there may be no other technology available capable of stabilizing the waste to meet acceptance criteria for land fill. InDRUM can provide that capability.
  • Freeze-Tec – A specialized, proven technology for safe extraction of problematic contaminated soil or water-bed sludge for treatment. Many sites find ground contamination and water bed contamination from years and years of previously undetected leakage of contaminated chemicals. Addressing this problem can be extensive using alternative approaches. Studsvik’s Freeze-Tec can easily extract section of contaminated soil or water bed silt by freezing. The resultant frozen block of contaminated material is then thawed on a filtration system to de-water (volume reduction) and capture the contaminated material for treatment. Freeze-Tec can be deployed in a range of sizes of the equipment, from large scale application (square meters) to small flexible tubing that can be deployed for “hard to reach” legacy waste sludge tanks, etc.

All these technologies are available for license transfer to your organization.  Studsvik is fully committed to assuring successful technology transfer through our experience in design, licensing, build and operation of several facilities.  We will be with you every step of the way by providing:

  • Nuclear Licensing/Permitting
  • Design and Engineering
  • Fabrication, Construction, and Installation
  • Commissioning Support
  • Operational Training, Support and Maintenance