For Studsvik safety, the environment, health and quality are important strategic issues and form a natural part of our daily work. The responsibility for these issues is coordinated with the business operations and therefore mainly rests with the line organization. Each employee has personal responsibility to help to ensure that business activities are conducted in accordance with the Group’s policies. This responsibility includes detecting and reporting any discrepancies and, to the best of one’s abilities, following up discrepancies to ensure that they are corrected.

As a supplier to nuclear power and other industries, Studsvik’s operations are subject to legislation, regulations and licensing. It is in Studsvik’s interest to actively contribute to their development in dialog with the authorities. 

Integrated management systems are applied within the operations, where safety, environmental, work environment and quality aspects are evaluated, targets set, and action plans drawn up to develop and improve operations. 


Studsvik wants to prevent accidents through well-functioning safety procedures, high requirements on facilities and competent personnel. Safety must always come first in all parts of the operations. This applies both to nuclear safety and radiation protection as well as conventional safety, including fire protection. 


Studsvik provides services which give improved safety, quality and environmental performance for our customers. In our own operations it is Studsvik’s ambition to set a good example in the environmental area and use the best possible technology that is economically justified in order to minimize the environmental impact of operations. The ambi­tion is also to maintain good communications concerning environ­mental matters with those living nearby, the authorities, customers, the mass media, employees and other stakeholders. 


Studsvik aims to prevent occupational injuries and work-related ill‑health for its personnel. Part of this is acting promptly on early indications of potential work-related ill-health.  It is also fundamental to good health to be motivated at work. All employees must therefore be given the opportunity to become acquainted with the goals and visions of the operations, to understand their own role in the organization and the significance of their own work and be given the possibility of skills development. Employees must receive the necessary authority to enable them to take responsibility for their duties. 


Complete customer satisfaction is one of Studsvik’s goals. Competent, motivated and correctly trained personnel, as well as well-functioning facilities ensure that operations are run with sufficient quality to meet customers’ quality expectations.