• Specialised international logistics and transport services to the nuclear industry.
  • Safe and efficient transportation of radioisotopes, spent nuclear fuel and other highly active material.
  • Road, rail, air and sea transportation.
  • Assistance with regulatory compliance and shipping documentation.
  • Turnkey solutions for national or international transports.
  • Specialised team of transportation project managers and technicians.
  • Studsvik own packages and flasks.

Coordination of all transport activities - certificate validations, applications for necessary permits, transport and safety arrangements documentation.


  • Recent experience from Elekta contract.
  • Innovative and pragmatic solutions.
  • 'Nuclearisation' of off-the-shelf plant and equipment, where possible.
  • High reliability and throughput.
  • Established relationships with supply chain.

Hot Cell Technologies

  • Owner/operator of host cells since the 1960s
  • We have encountered AND SOLVED most problems before!
  • Help clients develop their own hot cells
  • Highly experienced talent pool at Studsvik.

Interim Storage & Disposal

  • Leader in management, treatment and storage of radioactive wastes.
  • Studsvik on-site ponds.
  • Established relationships with Swedish repositories.

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Ian McKinley

Fuel and Materials Technology – Business Development Manager
Phone:+44 (0) 7798 711672


Carolina Losin

Key Account Manager
Phone:+46 155 22 14 78