Waste Treatment Technologies

Studsvik delivers global engineering, design, and analysis with expertise in the implementation of thermal and chemical processes centred on our patented technologies. We build long term relationships by delivering innovative, safe, reliable, and environmentally beneficial solutions for our customers.

Studsvik’s waste treatment technologies provides engineered solutions based upon our patented technologies and our chemical engineering expertise.  Our engineering capabilities offer a wide range of innovative solutions and provide long term benefits to our customers.  “We solve problems that others cannot or will not.”

Some of our patented technologies include:

  • Steam Reforming of large radioactive waste volumes
  • Batch Steam Reforming of radioactive waste
  • Freeze-Tec

In addition, Studsvik has a multi-disciplined team of engineers with a broad range of experience in chemical, mechanical, and process engineering. This engineering expertise includes over 100 years of experience in:

  • Research and Development including Lab scale and pilot scale demonstrations
  • Mass and Energy balance development and analysis
  • Flowsheet development 
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID)
  • Preliminary and detailed design of process equipment
  • Specification and selection of mechanical and process equipment 
  • Pressure vessel design and analysis
  • Specialists in thermal treatment of various waste forms