Managing spent nuclear fuel demands an increasing amount of engineering resources. We offer advanced, integrated solutions to analyze fuel pools/racks and optimize the loading of fuel storage casks.


MARLA automates safe and efficient movement and accountability of all SNM on a plant site.

  • Automated design and optimization of fuel shuffle
  • Licensing-grade SDM analysis
  • Plans dry cask storage campaigns spanning multiple outages
  • Manages spent fuel storage pools
  • Supports all containment designs, including GE Mark-III
  • Sophisticated graphical user interface


SNF calculates isotopic concentrations, radiation source terms and decay heat of spent PWR and BWR fuel. Using the detailed 3D power history from SIMULATE and isotopic inventories from CASMO, SNF provides the most accurate spent nuclear fuel analysis available. 

  • Unified in-core and ex-core modeling methodology
  • Highly accurate physics for optimized cask loading and storage
  • Couples to GARDEL for on-line core decay heat calculation
  • Decay chain validation for up to 100,000 years 

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