Studsvik, at the forefront of radioactive waste management, provides solutions across a range of companies who use radioactive materials as part of their industrial processes. Our services ensure they can handle the materials safely and efficiently so they can focus on delivering their mission.

We support industrial and medical facilities that use radioactive materials to manage their operations and resultant wastes safely and compliantly. Our expertise, built across a wide spectrum of industries, gives us a detailed understanding of the regulations and needs of different industrial sectors allowing us to provide our customers with “efficient best practice” solutions for their radioactive wastes. We offer a full range of services for both operators and end-of-life facilities that support the quick and safe cleanup of sites. This can allow early license repeal and quicker land sales, reducing customer liabilities and driving a quicker release of capital.

Our experts have delivered numerous projects on industrial sites to clean up legacy wastes and have supported full scope solutions including radiation protection support and waste management. Our capabilities include:

  • Planning  and strategy
  • Decontamination 
  • License support and permit surrender
  • Land remediation
  • Laboratory decommissioning
  • Characterisation
  • On site waste management and Best Available Technique for disposal
  • Radiation Safety

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