Studsvik provides radiological emergency response services for customers to ensure they get immediate expertise and advice when they need it most. Our advice helps our customers demonstrate to their stakeholders their preparedness for any eventuality, to ensure that emergencies can be dealt with safely and swiftly, and minimizing any adverse impacts.

Studsvik provide first call response services for several high profile clients including regulatory bodies as well as operators and small users of radioactive materials. We are on call 24/7 to ensure that we can respond whenever and emergency arises to give immediate advice from one of our qualified Radiation Protection Advisors. We help customers solve their immediate issues and make the area safe to allow recovery operations.  We also provide clean up and decontamination services to ensure the day to day operations can resume at the earliest opportunity.


Our experts provide the UK government with advice on disaster recovery methods and techniques for large area clean up.  We are also on call should an emergency arise, to provide a range of services from first call monitoring and surveillance to waste collection, packing and disposal. 

Our services include

  • 24/7 contact to Radiation Protection Advice
  • Disaster planning and recovery 
  • Characterization, surveillance monitoring
  • Waste strategy
  • Waste characterization, sampling and inventory analysis
  • Waste recovery, packaging, transport and disposal
  • Site clearance and monitoring

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